For Sale


Interested in owning an exciting and unique business?

For the past 8 years Elite Mobile Gaming has provided the Pacific Northwest with the most exciting party platform seen! An event not confined by brick and mortar walls, but mobile and on-demand, when and where our customers have needed us. 

Now it's ready for YOU! 

If you would like more information we'd love to hear from you. Simply email us below and send us your info. We will be in touch!


What kind of events have you done?

We have done some amazing parties over the past 8 years. Seattle Seahawk's events, weddings, PTA carnivals, school auctions, graduations, ComiCons, National Night Out...and of course, Birthdays! 

Mobile vs Brick/Mortar

One of the biggest perks of this business is that there is ZERO brick and mortar headaches. Traditional buildings require all kinds of overhead ...

rent, roof repair, plumbing, parking availability for customers, the list and headaches keep going. Not YOU though. Mobile businesses let you navigate those pitfalls.

How's Business?

Business continues to grow and keep us busy. This current summer has been the busiest yet! From Seattle to Vancouver, Neah Bay to Spokane...we go where you need us.

Give it to me straight, why you selling?

As a full time teacher and business owner  finding the time to balance all of life's commitments is always a juggling act. While we are committed to the continuation of excellence for our customers we are excited about future possibilities. Contact us today. 

I'm interested! Now what?

Reach out, we'd love to hear from you